︎ MONDO BOYS are an American composer duo boldly blending a hybrid of timeless melodies into the bleeding edge of modern day film music, hand-crafted for every project.

They’ve scored projects helmed by icons Ridley Scott (Phoenix Forgotten) and Steven Soderbergh (The Girlfriend Experience Season 2). They’ve worked with Disney Animation, HBO & Netflix as well as exciting filmmakers Barry Jenkins, Andrew JareckiDJ Caruso, Amy Seimetz, Lake Bell and Adele Romanski. Their score and songs have created buzz in Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Spin and NME among other publications.
The Boys bring decades of experience in composition, songwriting, performance & recording to every film score. Their close-knit team of distinguished arrangers, orchestrators and musicians allow for unique, world-class virtuosic performances regardless of post-production constraints.

Their swift rise to prominence in the film community can be attributed in part to their passion for story, their close collaborations with filmmakers and their ability to write lyric-and-vocal songs as well as memorable score to elevate any film.